So many surgeries were put off during the pandemic and the various bouts of staffing and physician shortages. Hospitals and dental surgeons are finally starting to process the backlog and people are getting notified that their surgeries are moving ahead.

With the passage of time comes risks that a surgeon or surgical staff are not as well versed on the latest techniques, or have become rusty.

The delay in medical attendance can cause a failure or delay in diagnosis, and a condition is now worse than it should have been if caught in the expected course of time.

Negligence is always an issue in any field, but in the medical or dental field, a mistake involving medication or the management of procedures can be life-altering.

Obtaining consultation or consent can be missed in the race to push people through and clear out the backlog of patients waiting for their turn for surgical intervention.

The impact of these various forms of malpractice has deep and far-reaching psychological, financial, and physical effects on patients as well as the health care providers and our system in general.

Figuring out if you have received negligent or inadequate care from your doctor, dentist, or staff under their direction can be difficult to determine. The complications that arise for patients from a medical professional’s mistakes depend on so many complicated factors – seeing a legal professional to help navigate these issues is a must.

Find a lawyer experienced in medical or dental malpractice and book a free consultation. There is a two-year time limit from when the malpractice happened for you to proceed with any course of action, so it is best not to delay!

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