Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyers in Kamloops

Priddle Law Group represents a wide range of clients, including those with very complicated and devastating personal injuries. We have years of experience in the practice and strive to help clients reach their goals. Our lawyers have experience at all levels of court in British Columbia and are also skilled in alternative approaches to resolving conflict including arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

Our personal injury team has experience handling total disability and catastrophic claims such as brain injury and spinal cord injury. However, our team also can assist with a broad range of other personal injury cases, including:

  • Fatal accidents/wrongful death claims
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Assaults

We actively monitor our clients’ rehabilitation and assist them in their aims for medical recovery, as well as workplace and financial security.

Why Hire Personal Injury Lawyers?

There are many benefits of hiring personal injury lawyers including:

  • Expedite your personal injury claim
  • Keep your settlement claim on track
  • They offer professionalism and objectivity
  • Have excellent negotiation skills
  • Can help you with litigation

Why should you trust us? 

For many years, we have helped people in your situation and know the often overwhelming recovery, insurance and litigation processes. We will advise you every step of the way.

We are straightforward about the process and we will see you through it. You are the client. We act on your behalf. It is extremely important that we honour your trust by being honest and accountable. We do NOT act for the insurance companies. While some firms act for both plaintiffs and defendant insurers such as ICBC, we only ever act for the injured party. 


You can make an appointment to visit one of our office, or one of our lawyers can visit you at home, at a relative’s home or in the hospital. The sooner you get help, the less you will worry.

Of note, in the case of a catastrophic injury, we will travel to where the injured person is hospitalized to meet with them and assist with the insurance process right away. This saves the injured person and their family from tiresome travel at a time when they are hurting. This also prevents you from dealing with the insurance company when you are already overwhelmed and in pain and avoids the risk of being taken advantage of when you are in a compromised position. We also help establish rehabilitation and disability benefits pursuant to any available insurance policy as well, so there is no gap in the injured person’s care and recovery.

 We help you figure out what insurance benefits are available and how you can access those benefits. Contact Us  if you are looking for personal injury lawyers in Kamloops.